〜small body,big power〜


In the large hives,tens of thousands groups of bees live under the perfect division of labor.
It's amazing how many colonies these tiny insects have.
We would like to share with you the wisdom and the loveliness of bees.

In addition, human beings not only have honey bees make honey, but also pollinate crops that require cross-pollination. Without pollination, those crops cannot be made.
We enjoy various food on the table every day,and it's fail to say that depends on bees.

In 2006,a global disappearing form of bees,which is called "colony collapse disorder," occurred.
It's phenomenon where numerous worker bees disappear from the hive leaving queen bees and honey and their colonies also vanish,whose cause is still unknown.
As we rely on bees for producing our food,we can't ignore their problems.

We hope this site will give you a chance to get to know about bees.